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Brooks, Andrew Michael (2012)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Berns, Gregory S
Committee Members: Barton, Jan ; Rilling, James K ; Mayberg, Helen S ; Capra Seoane, C Monica
Research Fields: Biology, Neuroscience; Economics, General; Psychology, Cognitive
Keywords: fmri; neuroeconomics; financial loss; reward; ventral striatum
Program: Laney Graduate School, Biological and Biomedical Sciences (Neuroscience)
Permanent url:
Dunlop, Boadie W (2012)
Master's Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Berns, Gregory S
Committee Members: Boring, John R ; McGowan Jr., John E
Research Fields: Health Sciences, Mental Health; Economics, Theory; Biology, Neuroscience
Keywords: depression; neuroeconomics; decision making; anxiety; risk; personality; loss aversion
Program: Laney Graduate School, Clinical Research Curriculum Program
Permanent url:
Haas, Julia Simone (2014)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Patterson, Richard
Committee Members: McCauley, Robert ; Goldenbaum, Ursula ; Risjord, Mark ; Berns, Gregory S
Research Fields: Philosophy
Keywords: Neurophilosophy; Practical Reasoning; Decision-Making; Weakness of Will
Program: Laney Graduate School, Philosophy
Permanent url:
Rubin, Matthew G (2010)
Honors Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Berns, Gregory S
Committee Members: Prietula, Michael J ; Hamilton, Emily
Research Fields: Economics, General; Biology, Neuroscience; Artificial Intelligence
Keywords: Neuroeconomics; Experimental economics; Incentive compatibility; fMRI; Machine learning: pattern recognition
Program: College Honors Program, Economics and Mathematics
Permanent url:
Smith, Sarah Francis (2016)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Lilienfeld, Scott O
Committee Members: Waldman, Irwin ; Hamann, Stephan ; Berns, Gregory S ; Treadway, Michael T
Research Fields: Clinical psychology
Keywords: psychopathy; financial behavior; risk-taking
Program: Laney Graduate School, Psychology
Permanent url: