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Archibald, Wrenica Ashley (2016)
Honors Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Dillman, Lisa M
Committee Members: Clarke, Robyn ; Goddard, Robert ; Sanders, Mark
Research Fields: Latin American studies
Keywords: Dominican Republic sugarcane; Spanish translation; human rights abuses
Program: College Honors Program, Spanish
Permanent url:
Day, Elizabeth Alter (2016)
Honors Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Scott, Tracy L
Committee Members: Dowd, Timothy J ; Goddard, Robert
Research Fields: Sociology
Keywords: Cultural Capital; Social Reproduction; Social Mobility; Career Aspirations; Work Values; First-Generation College Students; Parents' Education levels
Program: College Honors Program, Sociology
Permanent url:
Goodman, Elijah Preston (2016)
Honors Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Yannakakis, Yanna
Committee Members: Goddard, Robert ; Rogers, Thomas
Research Fields: Latin American studies; Latin American history
Keywords: Lautaro; Chile; Conquest of Chile; Colonial Latin America; Araucania
Program: College Honors Program, Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Permanent url:
Ramirez, Ana Maria (2011)
Honors Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Fotion, Nicholas
Committee Members: Queen II, Edward L ; Goddard, Robert
Research Fields: Philosophy; Religion, Philosophy of; Anthropology, Cultural
Keywords: Euthanasia; physicians-assisted suicide
Program: College Honors Program, Philosophy
Permanent url:
Tenreiro-Braschi, Goldy Daniela (2016)
Honors Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Rueda Robayo, Miguel R
Committee Members: Reingold, Beth ; Goddard, Robert
Research Fields: Political Science; International relations; Latin American history
Keywords: Electoral Fraud; Colombia; Vote Buying; Political Violence; Electoral Manipulation; Democracy; Illiberal Democracy; Political Parties; Electoral Violence; Latin America; South America; Democratization; Multidimensionality; Goldy; Tenreiro-Braschi; Democratic Institutions; Elections; Electoral Survey; Socioeconomic Levels; Socioeconomic Strata; Strength of Political Alignment; Strength of Political Preferences; Hybrid Regimes; Voter Demographics; LAPOP; Political Intimidation
Program: College Honors Program, International Studies
Permanent url:
Woodcock, Ellen (2012)
Honors Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Rogers, Thomas
Committee Members: Goddard, Robert ; Feldman, Hernan
Research Fields: History, Latin American; Hispanic American Studies; Geography
Keywords: Buenos Aires; Argentina; hegemony; spatial theory; territorial fragmentation; formless; formlessness; neo-liberalism; Puerto Madero; shoppings; urbanizaciones privadas; barrios cerrados; countries; cacerolazo; ciruja; cartonero
Program: College Honors Program, Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Permanent url: