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Chen, Yi-hung (2007)
Dissertation (127 pages)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: McDonald, Frank
Committee Members: Liebeskind, Lanny S ; Gallivan, Justin
Research Fields: Chemistry, Organic
Keywords: polyketide synthesis; oxonia-Cope rearrangement
Program: Laney Graduate School, Chemistry
Permanent url:
Brannen, Laura M. (2007)
Master's Thesis (134 pages)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Stone, Rebecca Rollins
Committee Members: Kasfir, Sidney L
Research Fields: Art History; History, Latin American
Keywords: Museology; Latin American History; Historiography; Nationalism; Globalism; Indigenous Cultures; Pre-Columbian; Ethnic and Racial Studies; Art History
Program: Laney Graduate School, Art History
Permanent url:
Rothstein, Jared K.
Dissertation (225 pages)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: McCauley, Robert
Committee Members: De Waal, Frans B M ; Risjord, Mark
Research Fields: Philosophy; Psychology, Cognitive; Biology, Neuroscience
Keywords: Ethics; Sentimentalism; Method of Wide Reflective Equilibrium; Moral Psychology; Empathy; Metaethics
Program: Laney Graduate School, Philosophy
Permanent url:
George, Katherine Ruth

Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser:
Committee Members:
Research Fields:
Partnering Agencies:
Program: Rollins School of Public Health,
Permanent url: