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UMI Research Fields > Arts, Business, Education, Humanities, And Social Sciences > Area, Ethnic, And Gender Studies > Latin American studies

Archibald, Wrenica Ashley (2016)
Honors Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Dillman, Lisa M
Committee Members: Clarke, Robyn ; Goddard, Robert ; Sanders, Mark
Research Fields: Latin American studies
Keywords: Dominican Republic sugarcane; Spanish translation; human rights abuses
Program: College Honors Program, Spanish
Permanent url:
Creary, Melissa Shawn (2016)
Committee Chair / Thesis Advisers: Kushner, Howard I; Lesser, Jeffrey
Committee Members: Frederickson, Mary E. ; Eisen, Arri
Research Fields: Public health; Latin American studies; Cultural anthropology
Keywords: Sickle Cell Disease; Brazil; Citizenship; Social Movements; Health Policy; Political Ethnography
Program: Laney Graduate School, Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts
Permanent url:
Gentile, Cloe Lindsay (2017)
Honors Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Bertrand, Lynn Wood
Committee Members: Howard, Bradley ; Santos Villalobos, Abigail ; Gonzalez, Elva
Research Fields: Music; Women's studies; Latin American studies
Keywords: Libby Larsen; Sor Juana; Laura Mulvey
Program: College Honors Program, Music
Permanent url:
Goodman, Elijah Preston (2016)
Honors Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Yannakakis, Yanna
Committee Members: Goddard, Robert ; Rogers, Thomas
Research Fields: Latin American studies; Latin American history
Keywords: Lautaro; Chile; Conquest of Chile; Colonial Latin America; Araucania
Program: College Honors Program, Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Permanent url:
King, Hilary Brooks (2017)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Barlett, Peggy
Committee Members: Nugent, David L ; Rogers, Thomas
Research Fields: Cultural anthropology; Sustainability; Latin American studies
Keywords: sustainability; food systems; Mexico; maize; alternative food systems; Chiapas; agriculture; agroecology; organic
Program: Laney Graduate School, Anthropology
Permanent url:
Ruginis, Janike (2016)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Reber, Dierdra
Committee Members: Cronan, Todd S ; Stolley, Karen ; Gold, Hazel
Research Fields: Latin American studies; Film studies; Latin American literature
Keywords: Latin American Studies; Latin American Film; Photography; Twenty-First Century Film; Argentine Film; Brazilian Film
Program: Laney Graduate School, Spanish
Permanent url: