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UMI Research Fields > Behavioral, Natural, And Physical Sciences > Mathematical And Physical Sciences > Theoretical physics

Cheng, Xiang (2016)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Boettcher, Stefan
Committee Members: Burton, Justin C ; Family, Fereydoon ; Nagy, James ; Nemenman, Ilya
Research Fields: Physics; Theoretical physics; Condensed matter physics
Keywords: Monte Carlo Methods; Disordered System; Jamming Transition; Ising Model; Glassy Dynamics
Program: Laney Graduate School, Physics
Permanent url:
Qiu, Jirui (2017)
Master's Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Berman, Gordon J
Committee Members: Nemenman, Ilya ; Burton, Justin C ; Sober, Samuel J
Research Fields: Theoretical physics; Neurosciences; Animal behavior
Keywords: context-dependency; descending neuron; animal behaviors
Program: Laney Graduate School, Physics
Permanent url:
Shao, Xinxian (2016)
Committee Chair / Thesis Advisers: Nemenman, Ilya; Levin, Bruce
Committee Members: Boettcher, Stefan ; Weeks, Eric
Research Fields: Biophysics; Microbiology; Theoretical physics
Keywords: bacterial colonies; pharmacodynamics; cell size; mathematical modeling
Program: Laney Graduate School, Physics
Permanent url: