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Alao, Folashade (2009)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Jackson, Lawrence P
Committee Members: Sanders, Mark
Research Fields: Literature, American; Black Studies; American Studies
Keywords: Sea Islands; Gullah; Black women writers; Paule Marshall; Gloria Naylor; Julie Dash; folklore; sites of memory; african diaspora; black women artists; African American literature;
Program: Laney Graduate School, Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts
Permanent url:
Alcaraz, Ana Angelica (2009)
Committee Chair / Thesis Advisers: Liotta, Dennis C; Snyder, James P
Committee Members: Kindt, James ; Menger, Fred M
Research Fields: Chemistry, Organic
Keywords: T-Taxol; Tubulin; Colchicine; 2-Methoxyestradiol; Conformation
Program: Laney Graduate School, Chemistry
Permanent url:
Alexander, Jessica Elaine Duke (2009)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Nygaard, Lynne
Committee Members: Namy, Laura ; Gouzoules, Harold ; Lourenco, Stella ; Tuten, Donald
Research Fields: Psychology, Cognitive
Keywords: perceptual learning; accented speech; speech perception; surface characteristics; specificity
Program: Laney Graduate School, Psychology
Permanent url:
Ali, Sunita S. (2009)
Honors Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Hampstead, Benjamin M.
Committee Members: Sathian, Krish ; Crutcher, Michael D
Research Fields: Psychology, Clinical; Psychology, Cognitive
Keywords: visuospatial memory test; medial temporal lobe; hemispheric differences; neuropsychological assessment
Program: College Honors Program, Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Permanent url:
Allocco, Amy Leigh (2009)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Flueckiger, Joyce
Committee Members: Courtright, Paul ; Patton, Laurie L
Research Fields: Religion, General; Anthropology, Cultural; Gender Studies
Keywords: Hinduism; ethnography; ritual; Tamil Nadu; naga; goddess; India; women; vernacular
Program: Laney Graduate School, Religion
Permanent url:
Arenson, Kelly E. (2009)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Strange, Steven K
Committee Members: Patterson, Richard ; Zupko, Jack
Research Fields: Philosophy
Keywords: Epicurus; Plato; Philebus; Pleasure; Hedonism
Program: Laney Graduate School, Philosophy
Permanent url:
Askew IV, Walter Scott (2009)
Honors Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Agichtein, Eugene
Committee Members: Tamasi, Susan L ; Lu, James
Research Fields: Computer Science
Keywords: Natural Language Processing; Medicine; Data Mining; Machine Learning; Public Health
Program: College Honors Program, Mathematics and Computer Science
Permanent url:
Aubert, Rachael D (2009)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Ahmed, Rafi
Committee Members: Amara, Rama Rao ; Larsen, Christian P ; Lukacher, Aron E ; Williams, Ifor R
Research Fields: Health Sciences, Immunology
Keywords: LCMV; CD4 T cells; CD8 T cell exhaustion; chronic viral infection; memory B cell; humoral immunity
Program: Laney Graduate School, Biological and Biomedical Sciences (Immunology)
Permanent url:
Babu, Ranjith (2009)
Master's Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Yang, Lily
Committee Members: Stokes, Darrell R ; Liu, Robert C
Research Fields: Biology, General
Keywords: Quantum Dots; uPAR
Program: College Honors Program, Biology
Permanent url:
Baker, Elizabeth Ashley (2009)
Master's Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Roth, Connie
Committee Members: Gallivan, Justin ; Warncke, Kurt ; Weeks, Eric
Research Fields: Physics, Condensed Matter
Keywords: polymer; physical aging; ellipsometry; polystyrene; confinement;
Program: Laney Graduate School, Physics
Permanent url: