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The Changing Epidemiology of Pertussis in Acellular Vaccine Era

Barton, Jerusha Elana (2014)
Master's Thesis (125 pages)
Committee Chair / Thesis Advisers: Orenstein, Walter; Omer, Saad B
Committee Members: Bednarczyk, Robert A
Research Fields: Health Sciences, Epidemiology; Health Sciences, Public Health
Partnering Agencies: CDC ; Emory University schools, faculty or affiliated programs ; US (Federal) agency other than CDC
Keywords: Pertussis; Vaccination; Epidemiology; Infants, Adolescents, Adults; Whooping cough
Program: Rollins School of Public Health, Epidemiology (Epidemiology)
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Table of Contents


application/pdf The Changing Epidemiology of Pertussis in the Vaccine Era 125 pages (976.8 KB) [Despite high levels of vaccination, pertussis continues to circulate in the U.S. Immunity, whether naturally acquired or vaccine-induced, wanes, leading all age groups to be susceptible and capable of transmitting pertussis to infants. For this reason, we still see high rates of hospitalizations in infants. However, there has been a rise in pertussis hospitalizations in all age groups--except for infants--during and following the change to acellular vaccines. Many factors of vaccine immunity, carriage, and transmission warrant research into new vaccines and/or a change to the current immunization schedule.]
Permission granted by the author to include this thesis or dissertation in this repository. All rights reserved by the author. Please contact the author for information regarding the reproduction and use of this thesis or dissertation.